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Sun News mocked the very idea of it, appealing to those who would believe anything wrapped in lowest common denominator paper and tied up with an outrage bow.

Every single story should be deliberately chosen and edited to the length it needs, not the length that fits. Reading the Sun and Province lately, the reporters are obviously constrained.

He never gives advice but I can always tell what he is thinking. I can make my own decisions about things. Baines, they would say, is a master manipulator of convenient fact, a vengeful slander artist. You left out any and every walk, run, bicycling, motorcycling, rowing, swimming, games, picnics, sales and seems anyone else who wants publicity for fundraisers.

Yes, newsrooms budgets are tighter than ever, but both Global and CBC made it happen and sent reporters up to one of the most remote parts of the province to cover a very important story. Rather than simply providing content, it partnered with more than newspapers and broadcasters who split the ad revenue generated from an AP-produced multi-media package of video, photos, statistics, stories and a daily Webcast.

If they were trying to appeal to the hardcore Conservative voter, the pool was small, about 30 per cent of the country.

Construction magnate Antonio Accurso sentenced to 4 years for fraud, corruption

The last broadcast featured the usual Sun News programming: Consider two classes of television. If memory serves, and I know you will correct me if I am incorrect, for years they had a News Director by the name of Bradbury and if I am not mistaken he was very sympathetic to The NDP.

I am in total agreement. He adds, almost apologetically: There remains the question of why Baines carries on. Ilanaaq is the Inuktitut word for friend. At its peak, Sun News produced 16 hours a day of programming, most of it live. It made French the official language of the workplace.

$2-a-litre gas the starting point if Notley closes taps to B.C.: analyst

As did the Evening Standard, which took the extra step of going free and increasing its circulation sevenfold. More often than not, guests were brought on to simply agree with the host.

Half of that went to legal bills but there was enough left over that Baines began, for the first time in his life, to invest in the stock market — mostly blue-chip TSE and NASDAQ stocks in a portfolio that is permanently available for review by Sun management. Baines also agreed to stand still for the anticipatory post mortems, going so far as to provide a list of people he thought most likely to say nasty things behind his back.

Lets not forget the two channels on Vancouver Island. Ratings reveal numbers of who IS watching and which stations.

Here are my top picks: Someone was actually offering money for a hit. Neither of these things would have saved Sun News, though.

David Baines: The Most Hated Man in Business

I believe there are LOTS of Harvs out there…some working right onw … but they need management who understand what that kind of reporting means, and are willing to give them the lead ideas, research time, camera time and willingness to unleash them on the politicians and businesses who are polluting, allowing lousy developments and wasting huge amounts of money.

With the Kennedy story, producer journalism reigned; David Baines was alone in asking some new and embarrassing questions. Even with their nemesis in easy range, hardly a maligned soul had the courage to fling any dirt back — at least, not if there was any chance that Baines would recognize their fingerprints.

The fact is that most of the country had Sun News available to them, but simply chose not to watch. Then the radio was off until 3: Printing of the Vancouver Sun and The Province were outsourced, each to different printing press operations.

Real news must be gleaned from many sources. Chartered inits traditional base business worldwide remains life insurance, but it now also has significant asset management operations. James Street was taller by several floors, the Sun Life Building was at the time the largest building in terms of square footage anywhere in the British Empire.

Special Projects. Fall from grace is a six-part series from The Columbian on the rise and fall of John Bishop, a Vancouver native who achieved great success as a founder and senior pastor of.

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For a business that makes its living reporting, revealing and exposing information it’s quite curious how secretive television and radio stations are about the DETAILS of their ratings.

Vancouver sun business reporters
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