Resistance of a wire coursework scientific knowledge

I could also consider using different cross-sectional areas of wires or even change the temperature of the wires deliberately and see how manipulating these variables affect the resistance of the wire.

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Resistance of a nichrome wire - Sample Essay

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Jan 08,  · Physics Coursework - Resistance of a wire? I am currently doing my Physics coursework and i was just wondering if you could help me get a bit more scientific information on why things occured and happened the way they Resolved. – Nichrome wire conducts electricity very well and because current is the movement of atoms through the wire, if the wires length is doubled so is the number of electrons which will double the resistance.

Introduction In this piece of coursework I aim to find the effects of length on a piece of nichrome wire. Resistance is a force which opposes the flow of.

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my graph should also show that they are proportional this is from my scientific knowledge that says. Physics Coursework Theory Resistance Of A Wire. Physics GCSE coursework: Resistance of wire Aim: To investigate if the length of wire affects its lanos-clan.comtion (Hypothesis): I predict that the longer the wire the higher the resistance, and the shorter the wire the lower the lanos-clan.comdge: Resistance is that property of electric.

This week I've been blogging about the resistance to required ethics coursework one sometimes sees in STEM* disciplines. As one reason for this resistance is the hunch that you can't teach a. Introduction In this piece of coursework I aim to find the effects of length on a piece of nichrome wire.

Resistance is a force which opposes the flow of an electrical current, this is why energy is needed to push the particles around.

Resistance of a wire coursework scientific knowledge
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