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Lighter areas denote either Sunni grass green or Bektashi cyan pluralities. The government maintains relatively robust CSR, labor and employment rights, consumer protection, and environmental protection legislation, but enforcement and implementation is inconsistent.

Catholic Albanians who had some Albanian ethno-linguistic expression in schooling and church due to Austro-Hungarian protection and Italian clerical patronage. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act requirements.

Thanks to the efforts of the international community and large international companies, the first Albanian CSR Network was founded in March as a business-led non-profit organization. The Law on Foreign Investment guarantees the right to transfer and repatriate any funds associated with an investment from Albania into a freely usable currency at a market-clearing rate.

The restitution and compensation process started inbut has been slow and marred by corruption. In the aftermath of World War Two, the communist regime came to power and Muslims, most from southern Albania were represented from early on within the communist leadership group such as leader Enver Hoxha —his deputy Mehmet Shehu — and others.

We will carefully protect all information you provide, including your identity. Many representatives of the business community complain that the NEC has not become a forum for effective private sector consultation as it was intended to be.

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The market share of Greek banks has decreased significantly in recent years, with French and Italian banks filling the void. The hard truth is having people to invest your money for you will not help you build wealth.

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Provisions addressing cases of bribery by foreign public officials exist while penalties for corruption in the private sector have increased. Islamization of Albania Albania first came into contact with Islam in the 9th century when Muslim Arabs raided the eastern Adriatic.

Albania applies foreign tax credits rights even in case there is no double tax treaty in place with the country where the tax is paid.

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A bankruptcy procedure can be initiated by debtors, creditors, as well as by tax authorities. Albania does not have a specific commercial code, but defines commercial legislation through a series of commercial laws. The rightful Etruscan landowners are not bearing angry placards in front of the Vatican.

Commercial property may be purchased, but only if the proposed investment is worth three times the price of the land. In addition to basic corruption offenses, there are specific criminal provisions addressing active and passive corruption by persons exercising public functions, high state officials and locally elected persons, judges, prosecutors, and employees of the judicial bodies and the private sector.

The AMA, which regulates broadcast and cable television, has been ineffective in fighting content theft in the broadcast sector due to political disputes over the composition of the Board of Directors. The Legal Rights Index ranges fromwith higher scores indicating that those laws are better designed to expand access to credit.

Through the use of international donor assistance the recording system has improved. In the event that the creditors and administrator agree that reorganizing the company is the best option, the administrator of the bankruptcy shall prepare a reorganization plan and submit it to the court for authorizing implementation.

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Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion. A global school league table based on science and maths tests puts five Asian countries at the top, with the UK in 20th and the US in 28th.

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The antique color palette. A global school league table based on science and maths tests puts five Asian countries at the top, with the UK in 20th and the US in 28th.

National business report tv albania
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