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The hockey stick graph remains an illusion

They published their first graph, showing average temperatures in the northern hemisphere going back to AD in Nature in One of Mann's more public punch backs took place in Julywhen he defended his views before a congressional committee led by Senator James M.

A paper he published jointly with Scott Rutherford examined the accuracy of this method, and discussed the issue that regression methods of reconstruction tended to underestimate the amplitude of variation.

A realistic view of the startup “hockey stick”

The other "dilutes the message rather significantly," said Folland. That stick has become a focal point in the controversy surrounding climate change and what to do about it. As Bradley recalls, Mann's initial view was that there was too little information and too much uncertainty to go back so far, but Bradley said "Why don't we try to use the same approach we used in Nature, and see if we could push it back a bit further.

Areas where more data was needed were to be identified, and there was a need for improved data exchange with computer-based archiving and translation to give researchers access to worldwide paleoclimate information.

In fact, if one ignores the unusual El Nino year ofone sees a cooling trend. After seeing a preprint of the Eos rebuttal, von Storch decided that the Soon and Baliunas paper was seriously flawed and should not have been published as it was. This allows independent confirmation of the basic hockey stick result: In AprilRay Bradley of the University of Massachusetts, a co-author of Mann on the hockey stick papers, was apologising for Mann's stance.

Responding to the controversy, the publisher of Climate Research upgraded Hans von Storch from editor to editor in chief as of 1 August They published their first graph, showing average temperatures in the northern hemisphere going back to AD in Nature in That's the data we've had for the past years, which is quite consistent with the expectation that the climate is continuing to warm.

In each case, the outcome was clear: Conventional climate histories recorded a much more wavey line, with a warm period in the medieval period around ADfollowed by a little ice age. Tim Barnett, then of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, part of the University of California, San Diego, joined Jones to form a small group within the IPCC to mine this data for signs of global warming, ready to report in the next assessment due in The title of their paper, " Northern hemisphere temperature during the past millennium: Human Evolution and the Environment and Humanity on a Tightrope "Although not initially of his own choosing, Michael Mann has been the most important, resilient, and outspoken warrior in the climate battle--responding to threats and persecution with courage and resolve every step of the way.

When the reconstruction procedure was used with these pseudoproxies, the result was then compared with the original record or simulation to see how closely it had been reconstructed. The only conditions are the comments abide by our community guidelines and add to the total knowledge or understanding of the events.

Bradley showed that annual varves in lake beds showed climate cycles, and A. A shaded area showed uncertainties to two standard error limits, in medieval times rising almost as high as recent temperatures.

Two scientists cited in the papers later said that their work was misrepresented. In that regard, he has turned his attention to El Nio, a warming of eastern tropical Pacific waters that affects global weather. Jones thought the study would provide important comparisons with the findings of climate modelingwhich showed a "pretty reasonable" fit to proxy evidence.

Cicerone proposed that the NAS should appoint an independent panel to investigate. The September spat was the last in a simmering row. For the record, I believe that the recent warmth was probably matched about years ago They stated that "None of these errors affect our previously published results.

They are somewhat sizable as one gets farther back in time, and there is reasonable uncertainty in any given year. Shown for comparison are published Northern Hemisphere reconstructions Mann One of the main tree-ring constructions was by Briffa.

Most tree-ring records were from Europe and North America. There were also different ways of finding the scaling coefficient used to scale the proxy records to the instrumental temperature record.

The report discussed the difficulties with proxy data, "mainly pollen remains, lake varves and ocean sediments, insect and animal remains, glacier termini" but considered tree ring data was "not yet sufficiently easy to assess nor sufficiently integrated with indications from other data to be used in this report.

Cooka co-author on the paper, had confirmed agreement with these points, [74] and a later paper by Cook, Esper and D'Arrigo reconsidered the earlier paper's conclusions along these lines. This era is known as the Medieval Warm Period. Crowley and Thomas S.

Third and lastly are the venture-scale companies that receive all of the press coverage. Northern Hemisphere temperature changes estimated from various proxy records shown in blue Mann I find this notion quite absurd.

The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars

As they're annually banded, the thickness of the layers can be used as climate proxies. Second, investors want their money back and moreand they only way they think they can do that is my having the company grow at least 10x in value, necessitating fast growth.

In the hockey stick controversy, highlighted an IPCC illustration based only on the MBH99 paper, and a poster of the hockey stick graph was the backdrop when the report was presented in Januaryin a televised announcement.

Climate Science Glossary

The graph was seen by mass media and the public as central to the IPCC case for global warming, which had. Michael Mann was the man behind the fraudulent climate-change “hockey-stick” graph, the very ringmaster of the tree-ring circus.

And, when the East Anglia emails came out, Penn State felt. A critique of the hockey stick was published in (McIntyre ), claiming the hockey stick shape was the inevitable result of the statistical method used (principal components analysis).

They also claimed temperatures over the 15th Century were derived from one bristlecone pine proxy record. A hockey stick projection is one that shows its last few years of actual results flat, and then magically rockets up for future years just like the blade of a hockey stick.

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The report moved quickly through climate science circles. Mann and a colleague soon lengthened the shaft of the hockey stick back to the year AD--and then, inthe UN's Intergovernmental.

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