Extensible business reporting language sec

Taxonomy creators may also define different labels for one element. Additionally, big taxonomies such as IFRS obey specific rules of naming and labelling to ensure consistency within the schema.

The main drawback of a tree-like hierarchical structure in a presentation linkbase is that it only allows the presentation of flat lists of elements, while financial statements also contain more sophisticated reports such as Changes in Equity or Movements in Property, Plant and Equipment.

This helps instance creators and users understand the intended meaning of each element and provides support for its inclusion in the taxonomy.

The Commission will permit funds to file test submissions on a voluntary basis during a trial period. A Have a common investment adviser or have investment advisers that are affiliated persons of each other; or B Have a common administrator; and […] In the case of a unit investment trust, the term group of related investment companies shall mean two or more unit investment trusts including series thereof that have a common sponsor.

Security zones - A technique used in IE to allow you to assign different levels of security to different sets of Web sites depending on where they're located or how much you trust them.

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Not only the executive compensation rules, [24] [25] [26] but also disclosure rules for investment advisors [27] and mutual funds—where more than half of U.

eXtensible Business Reporting Language

An organization or an individual that performs system integration. This happens more often when, as in the UK, the company report, which may contain many graphics, is combined with the accounts in a single iXBRL document.

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There are several types of references that could be provided for each element. At the time of his retirement in he was the Partner in Charge of the Corporate Department in the Orange County office, and served as a member of the firm's national management.

The amendments are intended to improve the quality and accessibility of XBRL data. Vytautas Landsbergisa professor at the Conservatory of Music in Vilniusinwell before the successful reestablishment of Lithuanian independence.

One of the ideas of XBRL is that the information about the period and currency for which the element is reported is not contained within an element definition but is described by a context in instance documents.

XBRL aims to become a worldwide standard for electronic business reporting. In light of the SRC amendments, SEC Chair Clayton directed the staff to make recommendations for possible additional changes to the definition of "accelerated filer" to reduce the number of companies that qualify as accelerated filers in order to promote capital formation by reducing compliance costs for those companies.

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Change to the Definition of "Smaller Reporting Company" The SEC unanimously voted to amend the definition of "smaller reporting company" Mandatory Inline eXtensible Business Reporting Language ("XBRL") Business development description requirements are less detailed than disclosure requirements for non-SRCs.

EXtensible Business Reporting Language, or XBRL, is an XML-based language for the electronic transmission of business and financial data.

The use of this technology provides benefits in the preparation, uploading, and analysis of financial data. SCCM tools are products and suites that support the structured approval, assignment, monitoring, execution and reporting of changes to software products for teams and teams of teams.

SEC Reporting Taxonomy *. The proposed technical and other conforming improvements related to the SEC Reporting Taxonomy (SRT) are available below for comment until October 13, A patent application becomes abandoned for failure to file a complete and proper reply as the condition of the application may require within the time period provided under 37 CFR § and § unless an Office action indicates otherwise.

XBRL US is a not-for-profit organization supporting the implementation of digital business reporting standards through the development of taxonomies for use by U.S.

public and private sectors, with a goal of interoperability between sectors, and by promoting XBRL adoption through marketplace collaboration.

Extensible business reporting language sec
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